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SHINJEO is a hat designer brand started in New York last year and was launched on May 2015 formally in Korea.

This brand is composed of 3 lines having respectively different feelings such like

Project S which is an avant-garde headpiece work containing designers philosophy,

Exclusive Line using manufacture methods close to high-quality, traditional military style, and

Ready to Wear that could force the boring look




She who has accumulated long careers in marketing and design fields led herself to a Hat Designer because of clinging to passions and interests in hats.

In New York, the center of trends, she has learnt global trends while having exchanged with famous Milliner and Hat Maker, and showed good performances such as participating in a special exhibition etc HATtitude in New York and France.


The hat containing special stories

is the very one she likes to make.




A hat

may be small, but it makes a strong statement.

It allows you to express the inner passion

concealed by your everyday character.

Who you are,

your wildest desires,

your most outlandish dreams,

What you want to achieve at this moment.

Unveil what you have hidden within yourself,

whatever that might be.

Show it to the world!

It is merely a pretext to say,

"I don't look good in hats."


Let me unveil your persona.

Un chapeau

est petit mais cest une pièce forte.

Il vous permet de révéler vos passions secrètes

disimulé par votre caractère.

Ce que vous êtes,

vos désirs les plus fous,

vos rêves les plus étranges,

ce que vous souhaitez accomplir maintenant.

Quelle quelle soit,

dévoilez votre nature secrète,

exposez vous aux regards!

Il ny a pas dexcuse pour dire

Je nai pas de tête à chapeau.


Laisser moi dévoilez votre personalité.




Ready to Wear

Though this is more casual than other lines of SHINJEO, it consists of goods that can be used stylish while not losing unique identity and having comfort.

Exclusive Line

The hat belongs to goods made by high-quality materials as Limited Edition, and contains unique storytelling, and also has sufficient collectible value indebting to its specificity.

Project S

As Hat and Headpiece work which become the root of S/S and F/W Collection, this is a project work that is made with various materials without limitations on imaginations.

While getting inspired from experimental passions of traditional classics and contemporary art, we are going to develop work based on fresh collaboration with a lot of artists afterwards.